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Basic Information



Hospital Radio Swale is a registered charity (No.1058169) and is administered by Trustees, the Chairman, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Studio Manager and the Members' Trustee. There are no paid employees and all time spent at HRS is voluntary. 




All newcomers must complete the training programme successfully and be accepted by the Trustees before being allowed to become a member. Please note that completing the training programme successfully does not necessarily mean you will be suitable as a Presenter. 


When your training is complete and you will be asked to provide a Basic Criminal Records Bureau check completed now known as a DBS (cost approx. £18) see web site Fee reduction for DBS checks - GOV.UK (  Until the DBS is complete and you have been issued with a security pass you are only allowed in the HRS studios accompanied by another member.




There are four meetings per year, the AGM in January and then a general meeting in each of the other three quarters. All members are expected to attend. Trustee meetings are held as required.


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